I’ll be the uke to your seme.
Hi, I'm Cyreel, a 17 year old asshole. I don't think it's a good idea to know me.
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"Just my luck, on the one day I happen to go outside for the first time in two years, I end up as a terrorist hostage."

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"If you want to be the last one standing, become strong."

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Being alone is better. *nod nod* 

No need to satisfy people’s expectations 

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i want chocolate lipstick like the ones in Kiss X Sis and no i am not going to use it with my bro -__-

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"Your name is Jellal. You were once my friend. But
you went mad, desecrated the dead, hurt your friends, and
even destroyed the magic council. You killed Simon.”

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it’s real. it’s really real.

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our house is quiet and i prefer it like that 

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actually… that was only 2 weeks ago… lol do we really have that much money for holding so many parties?

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i hate people…

we had a party just 3 weeks ago and now we had another one… -__- 

this is shit… have locked myself in my room once again

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