I’ll be the uke to your seme.
Hi I am a 17 year old asshole. I don't think it's a good idea to know me.
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littlemissmarikit said: I get what you mean. I have a hard time talking to people too. I mean its different face to face

Oh not to mention I’m the worst at talking and explaining -__- its bad enough that I can consider it a speaking disorder. 

I used to only post things online or write them out somewhere but never in person. Now that I’m trying to say it to someone… it’s really different. It actually feels like the message has been received ^_^ 


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I am envious of people who are able to express themselves. I met this person for the first time but he was able to voice his personal opinions to me easily. He told me his social standing and the kind of people he prefers to be with. It is hard to find people so honest with themselves. That’s why I’ve been trying to be brave and let it all go through my mouth recently… I think I was influenced by him :) I view this as a good thing even if it would often put others in an awkward or guilty position. But if I at least try to explain myself to people perhaps they would understand me even just a tiny bit more than before.

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What’s wrong with being faithful to the fundamentals?

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remember me as vivid as I used to be…

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